This DVD is a must see...

for every parent or expecting parent! The current United States infant mortality rate proves our medical establishment is failing miserably. More babies die before the age one than in almost any other developed country. There has never been a more crucial time to determine how we have lost the integrity and success of our healthcare system.


This DVD will teach you:


The dangers of interventions used during childbirth

The side effects of antibiotics

The risks of childhood shots

The consequences of environmental & food toxins


The Explosion of Childhood Illness Explained DVD Set $29.99

This 2 DVD set explores the four major assaults to children’s health that play a major role in the causes behind the childhood illnesses plaguing America. With this knowledge, parents can promote wellness and avoid the dangerous mistakes that put their child’s health most at risk. Understanding the risk factors of childhood illness also sheds light on the underlying causes – something that is seldomly addressed by healthcare providers – and explains why recovery is possible.

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Dr. Renee Tocco Hunter has taken her years of research on childhood illnesses and compiled it into an informational and educational DVD that is easy to understand and very entertaining! It absolutely will empower you as a parent to want to take necessary steps to improve the quality of your child’s life. The information on this DVD has saved me a great deal of money and time researching on my own in order to give my three little ones the best start in life!

~Renique W., Charleston, SC



As a pharmacist, the information Dr. Tocco Hunter presents on this video is very timely and relevant. She explains the technical aspects of toxicity and epidemiology so that the layperson can understand. There are many intelligent physicians and pharmacists who have somehow overlooked the potential for toxicity in the materials we inject into patients. The biochemists and toxicologists have long known the pitfalls of using things like mercury and aluminum in vaccinations, but somehow that information never translates into the end product. Now look at where we are. I would recommend you buy this DVD if you are a health care worker/provider or are a parent, parent-to-be, or grandparent. The information presented on what happens to mom and baby before and during the birthing process is quite informative and accurate. The tracks on the health assaults of vaccinations, antibiotics and environmental toxins are rich with information and facts. I was fascinated, and then became angry. There are certainly many more risks of vaccinations and antibiotic therapy than we are led to believe.

~ Scott C., Minnesota



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